Fuente: A Word for the Wise

Carlos “Carlito” Fuente Jr. president of Tabacalera A. Fuente y Compania, surveys his family’s tobacco fields with a watchful and knowledgeable eye, His skill is one honed from 43 years spent as the grandson of family patriarch, Arturo Fuente.

With a dozen thatched drying houses as a backdrop. Fuente makes his way through the fields with master grower Danilo Mocada at his side. Exercising passion and experience. Carlito tenderly inspects a leaf, and smiles. Together, he and his long-time grower, whom Carlos Fuente Sr. himself brought from Nicaragua to oversee the family’s Dominican growing operations, carefully examine the plants, ensuring that each has
grown to earn its place in a Fuente cigar.

“In order to really understand this business, one needs to touch the tobacco, walk around and sense the vibrations.” Fuente says, his voice is filled with conviction and sincerity. “There is a culture and history that comes with cigars.” He pauses for a moment “It is my life,” he continues, not minimizing the claim.