Magnum R

After years of development, Arturo Fuente proudly presents the Magnum R line of cigars. The Magnum R line features an exclusive Rosado sungrown wrapper, culled from the lower primings of fine Ecuadorian tobacco plants and aged for nearly a decade. It is these rare and delicate wrapper leaves that create this complex, balanced smoke.

The Magnum R cigar appeals to cigar lovers who enjoy a creamier and smoother cigar experience without sacrificing flavor. With a distinctive, sweet finish and elegant, complex undertones, this cigar is destined to become another Fuente classic.

Magnum R Rosado sungrown cigars are being released in four sizes and are each aptly named for their ring size. The Vitola 52, Vitola 54, Vitola 56 and Vitola 58.

The essence of this cigar is complemented by a supurb package and band design and presented in the same elegant trimmings that accompany all Arturo Fuente cigars.
Vitola 44 47 - (19mm) Ring 4 7/8"
Vitola 52 52 - (21mm) Ring 5"
Vitola 54 54 - (21mm) Ring 6 1/2"
Vitola56 56 - (22mm) Ring 5 5/8"
Vitola58 58 - (23mm) Ring 5 1/4"
Super 60 60 - (24mm) Ring 6"
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