My grandfather made Perfecto cigars; they were very popular during the 1920's, 30's and 40's. When I was growing up we made perfectos by hand, but as time went by there were fewer and fewer cigar makers rolling perfectos. As the cigar makers grew older, they retired, they passed away. It took a real master to make a true Perfecto cigar.

As a child I was fascinated with that shape and the really difficult art of the craft that the Perfecto cigar represents. So when we first came to the Dominican Republic in 1980, I thought we should start making those shapes again. At that time nobody was making shaped cigars. I wanted to bring back that old world style, just to keep the art, the tradition, the craft, alive.

Today we make an entire line of Perfecto cigars. These cigars are something special for our fellow cigar smokers to enjoy.
Short Story 42/49 - (17/19mm) Ring 4"
Between the Lines 45/54 - (18/21mm) Ring 4 1/2"
Best Seller 45/54 - (18/21mm) Ring 4 1/2"
Work of Art 46/60 - (18/24mm) Ring 4 7/8"
Signature 46 - (18mm) Ring 6
Classic 46 - (18mm) Ring 7
Untold Story 54 - (21mm) Ring 7 5/8"
Masterpiece 52 - (20mm) Ring 9
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