Casa Cuba

A tribute to the early days of cigar making, this new release from Arturo Fuente was personally blended by Carlos Fuente Sr. using the time-honored traditions he learned from his father as a young boy. His intent was to recreating the experience and flavor of Cuban cigars he rolled and enjoyed in his youth.

Carlos Sr. selected an Ecuador Havana wrapper tobacco and chose a mix of Cuban-seed Dominican long filler and binder, and blended them in the same manner he used blending Cuban tobacco many years ago.

Released in four sizes, Casa Cuba cigars are named after Cuban dominoes and elegantly packaged with vintage flair.

Doble Tres 44 - (17mm) Ring 5 1/2"
Doble Cuatro 54 - (21mm) Ring 4 1/2"
Doble Cinco 50 - (20mm) Ring 5"
Doble Seis 52 - (21mm) Ring 6"
Divine Inspiration 47 - (19mm) Ring 6 1/8"
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